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Essay Topic Ideas for High School Students

Expository Essay Topic Ideas for High School Students

Have you been assigned to write an expository essay? Are you stumped on a topic? Looking for expository essay topic ideas that are interesting and unique? Want a topic that will be easy to write about? The key is to discuss something you are passionate about. An expository essay should explain, inform, define and/or describe a concept to the reader. If you are needing some topic ideas for an expository essay, here are some suggestions for you.

Expository Essay Topic for High School Students #1: Explain the dangers of texting while driving.

This is a very serious topic for an expository essay. You can discuss why drivers should never text while driving. You might provide examples of tragedy such as one case from Seagraves, Texas here. Essentially you will answer the question, "Why should drivers never text will driving?" Google "texting while driving" for more examples and information.

Expository Essay Topic for High School Students #2: Explain why more people should consider adopting older foster children.

This is another unsettling topic. There are literally thousands of American children who bounce from foster home to foster home without loving parents or someone to nurture them. In this expository essay, you can describe the benefits of adopting an older foster child, and why more couples and singles should choose adoption. For an expert quote, you might call your local children's protective services office. You might also contact someone with the Bair Foundation. (Visit for more details.) It is definitely not a common topic for an expository essay.

Expository Essay Topic for High School Students #3: Explain why shoplifting hurts everyone.

In this expository essay you can discuss the crime of shoplifting. You can explain why shoplifting hurts everyone because it raises product prices. costs taxpayers money to put shoplifters in jail, hurts employees and store owners, and more. You can explain why shoplifting is wrong, and why people should never shoplift. This expository essay topic will remind your friends why shoplifting harms society.

Expository Essay Topic for High School Students #4: Describe how the internet has influenced our society.

This vast topic will cover a variety of points. You can discuss how the internet has allowed people to shop from home and save money on used items, how the internet provides medical information, and how thousands of couples have fallen in love thanks to internet dating. You might also mention how the internet allows people with a common bond to find support online (such as cancer survivors), how long lost friends and family have been reunited, and much more. You could possible narrow down this topic to something less broad such as "How eBay has Influenced Society" or 'How Youtube has changed society."

Expository Essay Topic for High School Students #5: Explain why people should have life insurance.

This is definitely not a common expository essay topic, and your teacher will have (probably) not read an article about this topic. You can discuss the importance of buying life insurance. If you need help, please read "Reasons to Get Life Insurance: Why You Should Get Life Insurance Now." You should also check out "Should I Get Life Insurance If I Am Single With No Children?" Another article that might be beneficial to read is "Do Stay At Home Moms Need Life Insurance?"

Expository Essay Topic for High School Students #6: Describe the Importance of getting prenatal care.

In this expository essay, you will list and describe the importance of getting prenatal care. For some ideas to get you started, you might read "Important Pregnancy Facts Every Mom Must Know to Protect Her Baby" and "Prenatal Care Do's and Don'ts." You will discuss how poor prenatal care can put the mom and baby at risk.

These are just a few expository essay topics for a high school English paper. Some other relative articles that might assist you are "Unique Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas"and "Unique Pros and Cons Essay Topic".

Expository essays can be fun to write, just be sure to select a topic that interests you. Happy Writing! You should also check for more informationas Excuses For Not Doing Homework


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